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GI's on Apamama or Makin - Can anyone recognize them?

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Joel T. Watterworth  writes "My dad was a pilot with the 820th, his name was Earle Jay Watterworth, Jr.
I've been looking for info on him and his unit. I'm trying to find anyone who knew him or flew with him".
Joel wrote later, "My dad had on his dogtag, 43-45. His nickname was "bubba" or "Bobo". He was a Texan, and outgoing from what I hear. He died in 1959 of a heart attack when I was 4 years old. He married a woman from Grand Rapids, MI and moved there".

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Joel T. Watterworth
137 Benjamin NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Ph: (616) 459-4317


An e-mail from Richard Giordano. He says that his wife Barbara's maiden name was Barbara Bower. Her father was Paul Bower. He was a Bombardier/Navigator with the 396th Bomb Squadron. The B-25 that he flew on was named "Miss Alice". They would like to hear from anyone that knew Paul. Paul Bower passed away in 1987.

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Roger Maraist has asked if the Internet could be of any help in finding some information about his father who was a B-25 pilot and was killed in North Africa.
Roger writes and I quote, "My dad, Lt. Roger Jamison, was shot down out of SFAX on March 29, 1943 at the age of 22. He was with the 82nd Bomb Sqdrn, 12th Bomb Group. When his plane was hit and on fire, he elected to fly to target anyway. He then flew over convoy to allow crew to bail out. He tried to make it back to land but went down in the Mediterranean. Col. James E. Miller (ret) was last to see him."
I think that the 12th Bomb Group was with the 57th Bomb Wing, Northwest African Air Force (which was formerly the Twelfth Air Force).
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Roger Maraist
1040 W. LaVida
Visalia, CA 93277


Jane E.M. Smith sent an e-mail saying that her Granddad, Thomas Bentley Sykes from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was a Mitchell Bomber pilot with the R.A.F. He would be interested in hearing from anyone that was in his unit or that part of England. His squadron number was 180 Squadron RAF. This squadron was the first RAF squadron of Mitchell Bombers. He was stationed in Foulsham, Norfolk and then in Dunsford (South of London and close to Guilford).  He trained with the RCAF but was posted with the RAF. He came back to Canada in March of 1944 to be an instructor, training for the Japanese war. He remembers a few names, his navigator's last name was "Bodoano". His gunner was named Bill Tew and another named Len Sykes (no relation).

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Books etc.

Brig. Gen. Murray Bywater's new book "B25's Target Kyushu" is very nice. If any of the second printing are still available, they can be obtained for about $27.50 plus $3.00 shipping from:

B-25 Press
PO Box 7721
Moreno Valley, CA 92552

Probably everyone has received a card about the video ($29.95) that Bob Farrar shot at the Reunion in San Antonio. It is not bad, but I wish that he had cut the snow out (made it blue or something) between the segments. If you are not on his mailing list, he can be contacted at:

Bob Farrar
6527 Shadybrook Ln, No. 3135
Dallas, TX 75206

Another video has been produced by Raines Video Productions. It is priced at $29.95 plus $2.00 S&H, for a total of $31.95. I just received this one. Good coverage of the Lackland AFB trip and the Banquet dinner. Not much else. If you did not get a notice, they can be contacted at:

Raines Video Productions
180 Golf Club Rd, Suite 157
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Ph: 925-370-1073 or 800-654-8277


The Members of the 396th Bomb Sq. has requested that their Roster not be published. It is not an oversite.

There are many Members that we do not know the location of or the status of. If anyone has information on missing members, please send it either by e-mail or to the address below.

Members and Friends. it would sure help, when you move if you would send a change of address card, to your Sq news letter person or to me.

The 209 area code has been split. The southern part of the California Central Valley is now area code 559. If I have missed updating any one, please let me know.

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Donald Haskell
1510 S Peppertree Ct
Visalia, CA 93277-8606
Ph: (559) 732-1553

Information Needed

Kem Sitterley recently lost his 24 year old grandson, Kemble R. Crowder, when he was electrocuted at a boat dock gasoline pump.

Kem is on a crusade to find out about anyone who has been shocked or electrocuted at a boat dock gasoline pump. If anyone has heard of such an incident, please contact him. His objective is to get as much publicity as possible to help prevent this happening to anyone else.

Kem Sitterley
20449 Blue Mountain Drive
Walnut, CA 91789-1001
Ph: (626) 965-2129
e-mail: Kemble Sitterley


If any of the Members or Friends have E-Mail addresses or Web Pages, be sure to let us know.
We will publish your kids or grand kids address if they are near enough for you to read.
We will publish their e-mail address in the Group E-Mail Address Roster.

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