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Gus F. Anderson (Enid) - 820th Bomb Sq. andersonchain@juno.com E-Mail: Gus Anderson URL
Linda Anderson & David Jones - (Daughter of Gus) - 820th Bomb Sq. duiker@nwf.net E-Mail: Linda Anderson & David Jones URL
Robert E. Brandt (Josephine) - 48th Bomb Sq. treborb@webtv.net E-Mail: Bob (Pappy) Brandt Bob's Page
Patricia Brettell (Daniel ) - (Daughter of Bill Meeks) - 47th Bomb Sq. dbret@fast.net E-Mail: Pat Brettrell URL:
Kemary Crowder - (Daughter of Kem Sitterley) - 47th Bomb Sq. kcrowder@aol.com E-Mail: Kemary Crowder URL:
Donna Daulton (Scott) - (Daughter of Don Haskell) - 47th Bomb Sq. sdaulton@ix.netcom.com E-Mail: Donna Daulton URL:
Ed Feist (Liz) - 396th Bomb Sq. FeistLiz@aol.com E-Mail: Ed Feist URL:
Art Ferriera - 396th Bom Sq. Arferr@aol.com E-Mail: Art Ferriera URL:
Barbara Giordano (Richard) - Daughter of Paul Bower, 396th Bomb Sq. RJGiordano@aol.com E-Mail: Barbara Girodano URL:
Carl L. Gray - (Son of Lucian) - 47th Bomb Sq. grayboys@webtv.net E-Mail: Carl Gray URL:
Urban A. Gutting - 47th Bomb Sq. uban@stic.net E-Mail: Urb Gutting URL:
Donald Haskell (Dorothy) - 47th Bomb Sq. dhaskell@softcom.net E-Mail: Don Haskell Don's Page
W. Michael Haskell (Judy) - (Son of Donald) - 47th Bomb Sq. haskell@rmi.net E-Mail: Mike Haskell URL:
Raymond P. Kuttenkuler (Mary) - 47th Bomb Sq. Ktnklr@aol.com E-Mail: Ray Kuttenkuler URL:
Roger W. Maraist (Barbara) - Son of B-25 Pilot, Roger Jamison, 82nd Bomb Sqd., 12th Bomb Grp. rmaraist@lightspeed.net E-Mail: Roger Maraist URL:
William Miller (Dorothy) - 396th Bomb Sq. dmiller440@juno.com E-Mail: Dorothy Miller URL:
Jess C. Ramaker (Jesse) - 48th Bomb Sq. RAMAJESS@aol.com E-Mail: Jess Ramaker URL:
Arnold C. Sayer (Doris) - 47th Bomb Sq. acsayer@aol.com E-Mail: Arnold Sayer URL:
Kallie Sitterley - (Daughter of Kemble Sitterley) - 47th Bomb Sq. bjkid88@aol.com E-Mail: Kallie Sitterley URL:
Kemble U. Sitterley (Polly) - 47th Bomb Sq. KSitterley@linkline.com E-Mail: Kem Sitterley Kem's Page
Jackie Stewart (Bernie) - (Daughter of Jack Whitley).- 48th Bomb Sq. Pateud@aol.com E-Mail: Jackie Stewart URL:
George L. Tolbert - 47th Bomb Sq. GeosPlace@aol.com E-Mail: George Tolbert URL:
Joel T. Watterworth - (Son of Earle Jay Jr.) - 820th Bomb Sq. jwatterw@raider.grcc.cc.mi.us E-Mail: J. Watterworth URL:
Johnnie C. Widener (Mary) - 47th Bomb Sq. widener@galstar.com E-Mail: Johnnie Widener URL:
Sid York (Fern) - 396th Bomb Sq. syork@tcsn.net E-Mail: Sid York URL:
Wilbur L. Zingery - 396th Bomb Sq. b25mitch@mail.myriad.net E-Mail: Bill Zingery URL:

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