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Build your own personal web page and publish it for free.
There are several ways to do this. Your ISP may furnish you storage space (usually 2 to 5 Mb) on their server for free or you can try one of the other free ones such as Tripod or GeoCities.  There must be others also. Some ISP's charge an extra fee for storage space.

Tripod gives you 11 Mb of storage space on their server for free, and with their premium membership, for $3.00 per month, you get an additional 11 Mb for a total of 22 Mb of storage space.
With Tripod, you can create your page by using their templates. Some templates asks you questions (some are multiple choice), then builds your page. Other templates have dummy text, which you can replace with your text. After viewing it and if you are satisfied, it will publish your page, with graphics if you want. You can always edit and make changes to your page at a later time. Tripod is a division of Lycos.

Another free site that I have found is GeoCities.
GeoCities also gives you 11 Mb of storage space on their server for free. It looks like they have a lot of help with templates also. They have a premium service for $4.95 per month that allows you up to 25 Mb of server space.

AOL has a site where members can build their own pages. Members tell me that this is covered in AOL's flat rate. Their site is: Hometown AOL

As you gain more experience, you will want to get your own HTML editor program and do the work on your own computer. Then all you need is an FTP program to transfer your pages to the server.
If you use your own ISP, you might need to get your HTML editor and FTP program to start with, as they don't usually have templates. Most editor programs have a template to create a new page. Both MS Word and Corel WP will convert documents to HTML. You will pick up and learn at least some of the basic HTML code as you progress. The HTML code resembles the old "WordStar" word processing program from years ago. You put tags before and after a word, or paragraph.

There are several good editing programs and FTP programs that are freeware.

Check out  Arachnophilia   or "Arach" for short. It is one of the better editor programs and it is free, but there are several that can be downloaded from the  NONAG  site.

One way to learn about HTML is to study the structure of pages that you like. Click on View at the top of the browser, then click on Page Source. This will let you see how a page is constructed, (if it does not use frames).

Microsoft's "FrontPage 98" is a very good commercial editor. It is almost like using a word processor. What you see is what you get. Front Page 98 is what I use most of the time now, but I still go back to "Arach" for some things.

Web pages can be about anything. You, your family, your hobbies, or anything that you can think of. I have one friend that built a page to help people, that were adopted, locate their biological parents and families.
Have Fun!! Keep working at it.

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