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48th Bomb Squadron Reunion

San Antonio - 1998
Those Attending

Mildred and Vincent Barger
Pauline Barton
Betty J. and Wendell W. Byers
Marion and Joe Calbreath
Vera and Joe Carrion
Mildred and William Chilson
Charles Coletti
Nettie and David Crane
Janet and John Davis
Fred Deutsch
Richard E. Dunn
Henrietta Fennell
Esther and Felix Galyean
Edith and Alvin Gazda
Beverly and John Helmer
Arlene and Raymond Huschle
Virginia and Chauncey Kershaw
George Knight
Patti and Ed Krikorian
Hazel and James W. "Bill" McCoy
Richard Monzingo
William K. Pfingst
Jerry and Jess Ramaker
Ana Smith
Ned Telshaw

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