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47th Bomb Squadron Reunion

San Antonio - 1998
Those Attending

Ann and Lester Adams
Marge and Col. Max Axelson,
  friends of Urban Gutting
Mildred and Vincent Barger
Kenneth Farner and son Carl
Thomas Gordon
Dorothy and Ben Grobe
Earl Gruenwald
Urban Gutting and family
   Patty and Steve Gutting, son and daughter-in-law
   Suzanne St. Germain III, daughter
   Mathew Urban Gutting, grandson
Dorothy and Donald Haskell
James Hedstrom
John Hyde
  and sister Doris Davis
Lillian and Harold Kasten
Dorothy and Edward Kirkwood
Eileen and Donald Lighthall
Frank Lisak
William Meeks
  and son-in-law Daniel Brettell
Marilyn and Rick Rondinelli
Tina and Everett Ross
Peggy and John Sacco
Doris and Arnold Sayer
Polly and Kemble Sitterley
  and daughter Kemary Crowder
Marilyn and Maurice Smith
Ellie and William Telegra
George Tolbert
Marian and Charles Treakle
Lois and John Wefare
Robert Worsnop
Mary and Thomas Zachok

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